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From our 50th Reunion, here are more photos and comments, moved here from the main page.
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The Fiftieth Reunion is a Memory for all Memories

Under the superb leadership of Al Collins, the Reunion Committee presented a program and an environment that allowed this memorable group to do just that -- remember.  The turnout was over half of our classmates and established the all time record for participation in this wonderful weekend.  There was more to do than any of us could engage, and we participated in the large and small events to suit our own fancies.  However, all participated in the "Heart" of the Reunion, the Memorial Service Saturday morning at Rollins.  Don Goss and his team organized the most meaningful and tasteful  remembrance for our classmates who cannot be with us anymore.  All faiths, all persuasions, all walks of life were acknowledge as we somberly stood, one by one, and the names of those lost since the 45th were called.  The music, the scripture, the poetry, the love that emerged from that service extraordinaire turned all of our hearts to the calling of the weekend --- love of our God as we see fit, love for our country, love for one another, and love for Dartmouth.  We felt refreshed at  the conclusion of this awesome tribute to our fallen mates.  At our closing dinner Saturday evening, Don was presented with a one time award for his fifty years, that's right, FIFTY YEARS, of dedication to this class, and to dear ole  Dartmouth. The award is called "The Man."  Don's heart and soul have been in everything this class has done, as manifest in the extraordinary Great Book, and it is certain we would  not have become Dartmouth Greatest Class,  acknowledged by all, had it not been for the heart Don gave to us.  He is "The Man" for all time.

Here are some statements by Class leaders that were printed in the July 2003 issue of "53 Out." The first is Al Collins's "Personal Note." Please click Here, and below is a photo of Al and Nan at Leverone Fieldhouse.

The second is John Sigler's Valedictorian Address.

The third is Fran L'Esperance's speech accepting the Classmate of the Year Award. Go to Fran L'Esperance. And here is a great photo of Fran in supercap and gown:

Fran L'Esperance

We are in the process of putting up the photos published by Don Goss in his "Special 50th Reunion Photo Issue" of June 2003. Take a look at Reunion Photos.

Tom McBride sent in the following, with accompanying photo:

"Hi Dave,

When at the reunion, I took this digital of the Freshman Commons, which is a bit fancier than it was in our days but still recognizable.

One of my memories of the Commons, where I worked for meals, was the time when our class "got even" with Miss Kirkbride, the dragon nutritionist who whacked the hand of anyone who grabbed an extra dessert. When she appeared in the doorway from the kitchen, hundreds of baked potatoes were lofted across the room in her direction.

I'd be interested in any memories of that infamous eatery.

Tom McBride"

Next, two shots of the "Sultans," who entertained in the Class of '53 tent on Thursday night of Reunion.

Left to right, Al Kinney from Cincinnati; Bob Lonsbury, '53, clarinet, Ron Thorburn, '51 at the piano, Ham Carson from Seattle, and Tom McCrea, '50 banjo. Jim Wheaton, '53, valve trombone, took the photo. Frank Amick, '53, was there and sat in.

The rhythm section included Tom Ruggles, '50, on guitar, local bass player Dave Westphalen, Mike Payson, '53 on drums, and Ron Thorburn, '51, on piano.

(For more information about this Dartmouth reunion jazz band, go to Dartmouth Jazz

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