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The Manhattan Mafiasito celebrating Christmas in November 1973 at the Kinglands. Can you identify everybody? If not email Cal at

ASPEN, 1976

Here's an oldie but goodie from days of yor: Butch Edgar, Gerry Grady, and Ted Spiegel enjoying a brew in Aspen, Colorado, 1976. Unearthed from the Gerry Grady archives.


Spieg's 75th was a gathering of all of his skiing buddies who populate "Moose on the Loose" in Aspen each February. What a group. Left Photo from left to right, back row, Gino Gabianelli '53, George Shaw '54, Dave Cost '53, Bob Malin '53, Dick Conn'53, Charlie Buchanan '53, Dick Calkins '53, Bill Gitt '53,Jay Davis '54, and Irl Marshall '49. Resting in the front row are Class President Phil Beekman, Spieg, and Butch Edgar '53.

Party was held at the Mid-America Club of the AON Building across from the new Millennium Park in downtown Chicago. The three '53's [Gabianelli, Spiegel,and Beekman] picture was taken to celebrate the nine hour hike across the Maroon Pass from Aspen (8,500 ft.) to 12,500 ft. at the top of the pass to Crested Butte (8,500 ft.) in 2003, where we had breakfast with Peter Bridges and his wife, Mary Jane the morning after the hike. The birthday party was a three day affair, starting on Friday night and ending on Sunday after a brunch. Saturday. the group took an architectural cruise on the Chicago River and a two hour tour of Millennium Park. What a way to celebrate the end of the third quarter. Just think, the fourth quarter and multiple OT's to go. -DH

This one should bring back a few memories: It's Bob Douglass's engagement party in 1962, showing Fred Whittemore, Gerry Grady, Bob Callender, John Corcoran, and Bob Douglass with wife-to-be Linda. The two players to the left, male and female, are unknown...can anybody identify them? And, at right, Don Goss and Fred Whittemore kibitzing...

Bob Douglass's engagement party-1962

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