Faces in Our Crowd

Reunions are all about "You".

Can you find yourself in one of these 1953 Party Pictures from "a while" ago?
And, if you have some pictures you want to include in this "60th Reunion Collage" send them up---lots of room!


Articles & Archives

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Bob Malin's Eulogy for John Corcoran --Originially Posted: 11/2005

The Barbary Coast Orchestra Goes to Bermuda

Convocation Address -- September 1949

"The Joy of Giving" -- Charlie Zimmerman '23

The Class of 1953 in 1949

Click Here to hear Fred Whittemore's Recording of Our Graduation Day; Comments by President Eisenhower and then the Immortal voice of Charlie Fleet Singing "Little Jimmy Brown," also known as "The Three Bells."


A Slideshow Tour of the Campus and Dartmouth Life (Warm the Cockles of Your Heart!)

NOTE: This video is best viewed with a high-speed connection such as a cable modem or DSL, and that's the version that comes up first. However, on the page is a link to "Viewing Instructions," which will let you change to a slower version. When the video page comes up (it's from the Dartmouth Admissions page), it will start downloading an approximately 8.8 MB file. The video page gives you an opportunity to download a version of QuickTime for either Windows or Macintosh. When you see the black video window, click the right-pointing arrow at the bottom to start the video. If you have trouble, don't call me; see if there is a Help page available on the Dartmouth website. It's worth it...good luck!


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