Dartmouth Reunion Planning


Publicity and Marketing Ideas

There are many ways to get the word out to your classmates about your reunion! You can use emails, letters, your class Web site, the Alumni Relations Web site, social media, Dartmouth Alumni Magazine class columns and ads, and class newsletters.

Class Website

Pre-Reunion Content Ideas for a Class Web Site

  • Reunion chairs’ contact info
  • Promotional materials (letters, flyers, etc.)
  • Surveys
  • Message board or blog
  • Links to photo sites with pictures from past reunions, past mini reunions, Dartmouth days, etc.
  • Social media (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.)
  • List of names of classmates planning to attend

Post-Reunion Content for a Class Web Site

  • Update your class Web site with photos, stories, and links of your reunion experience. This will help promote communication and involvement among all your classmates.

Fun Ways to Market Your Reunion to Your Classmates

  • Send a magnet with the logo, dates for your reunion in one of your mailings.
  • Make a playlist or a web page with songs popular while you were on campus.
  • Use a song from your time at Dartmouth to title your reunion: “Get Back to Where You Once Belonged”…“In the Mood”…“What a Feeling”….
  • Send out hats, pins, and apparel in advance so that your classmates will have something to wear to your reunion. Consider one-size-fits-most items.
  • Phone tree: Designate time when reunion volunteers call classmates and encourage them to attend your reunion. Be sure to recruit outreach volunteers that will cover all aspects of your class, i.e. student activities, clubs, groups, teams, committees, troupes, etc.
  • Use the  Rauner Special Collections photo archives to find photos from your time on campus. Use these photos for postcards, magnets, Web site, newsletter, etc.
  • Name names: List those who have said they’re attending on your Web site and in your class newsletter. People come to reunions to see their friends!
  • Photocopy old issues of The Dartmouth and use them for your marketing, put them on your Web site, in your newsletters, in your mailings, in your emails. These are available at Rauner.
  • Send out a holiday greeting card or email encouraging attendance.
  • Send out birthday cards throughout the year before your reunion – “You weren’t really born until you joined the class – or until you came to Dartmouth,” etc.
  • Send pieces of bubble gum in your mailings – “Things will be popping at the Class of 2000 Reunion.”
  • Offer an early-bird discount or raffle entry for early registrants.
  • Update your class’s Facebook page that features tagged photo albums video clips, and event schedules.
  • Hold photo contests, such as Flat Stanley
  • Consider creating a funny video, like the class of ’90

Three Tips to Increase Your Attendance Numbers

  1. The more diverse your reunion committee membership, the further reaching it will be. Your committee should include a variety of classmates who have the ability to reach out to each of the affiliated segments of your class. With a diverse committee, you draw a bigger crowd.
  2. Play up the great variety of programs available: class events, kids programs, College-planned events, faculty lectures, Dartmouth Outing Club activities, athletic activities, etc. There really is something for everyone.
  3. Have attendance contests to bluster inclusivity, i.e. how many members are coming back from various teams, houses, and other affiliations.

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