Dartmouth Reunion Planning


Date and Venue

  • Discuss your program needs and schedule with your Class Activities Liaison. Locations and venues will be recommended by Advancement Events 
  • Select and confirm a class officiant to organize and lead the ceremony. Share this person’s name with Advancement Events. You can get a list of ordained classmates from Dee-Dee Roy-Deyo, dorothy.roy-deyo@dartmouth.edu or (603) 646-2259.


  • The cost of the program design and printing is covered in the green fee for all classes.
  • Review the samples. Feel free to copy parts of them and to create new material to suit your vision.
  • A print-ready version of your program would be most helpful, but if this is not possible, please send what you can and the printers will pull together the program for you.

List of Names of Deceased Classmates

  • Obtain a list of deceased classmates’ names by contacting Dee-Dee Roy-Deyo, dorothy.roy-deyo@dartmouth.edu or (603) 646-2259.
  • Your list will be requested at the beginning of the program layout process. As June approaches, a new list will be requested so that the program includes a list that is as current as possible.
  • Deceased classmates’ names will be listed in alphabetical order. It’s standard policy that all titles will be removed from the list. If the date of death is missing, it’s because the College doesn’t have the information. If you can provide the missing date, we’ll correct the list.
  • It’s important that you adhere to the due date for turning in the memorial program to start the process.


  • Prelude and postlude: If in Rollins Chapel or the Church of Christ, music will be provided by the College organist, and the songs will be chosen for you. If you have a particular song you’d like to have played instead, please share it with Dee-Dee, and she will communicate your request to the organist.
  • Service hymn: The choice is yours. Please be prepared to share the words and sheet music if the organist doesn’t have them on hand.


  • Advancement Events will book the College organist for your service. Note: Rollins Chapel’s organist has the first right of refusal on any service held there.
  • The fee for the College organist is covered in the green fee for the 25th – 60th reunion classes.
  • You can organize a rehearsal with the organist for an additional fee of $250.


  • If you’d like to purchase flowers for the service, you can call any local florist.
  • Other florists can be found through a Web search.
  • A good way to reduce expenses is to share floral expenses with another class that may be hosting its service in the same place on the same day. Check with the Advancement Events.

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