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Kids Programs and Childcare Services: FAQ

Q: For which classes are kids programs and childcare services planned?
The 45th–5th reunion classes.

Q: What is offered?
Two options:
  • Childcare service: matching your children with sitters
  • Reunion Kids Programs: Toddler, Junior, and Teen Programs
Q: What’s the difference between childcare services and the kids programs?
Childcare is a babysitting service: The College contracts with Care.com a globally known company that carefully matches families and caregivers. They will provide childcare for Dartmouth Reunions 2018. This service is anytime during the Reunion Events. This option will be available on Thursday evening, all day on Friday and all day on Saturday till 1 am. You can book childcare on their website for any or all of these days, and for any times you wish. At the end of each day of care, payment will be required and you will pay the caregiver directly, by check or cash. VERY IMPORTANT if you already have an account, you will need to submit using a different email address for the sign up for Reunions to work. Sitters are necessary because, due to safety concerns, children age 12 or younger may not be left in the dorms alone and often they’re not invited to attend class functions (especially meals where exact head counts are required – check with your class to confirm).

Reunion Kids Programs include Toddler, Junior, and Teen Programs and are designed to entertain your children while taking the stress off you.

Junior Program (ages 6–12): Thursday 2–10 pm, Friday and Saturday 9 am–10 pm. Includes arts and crafts, games, sports activities, entertainment, snacks, one lunch, and three dinners.

Teen Program (ages 13–17): Thursday 2–10 pm, Friday and Saturday 9 am–midnight. Program includes arts and crafts, sports activities and Dartmouth Outing Club activities such as hiking and canoeing, campus tour and scavenger hunt, snacks, one lunch, three dinners. Evening festivities, movies, shooting pool playing video games.

Q: Is a caregiver necessary for the Junior Program?
No, kids in the Junior Program (ages 6–12) don’t need a sitter during program hours. Once the program closes at 10 pm, however, it may be necessary to get a sitter to stay with them in the dorms between 10 pm and 1 am the next day. Kids age 12 or younger can’t stay in the dorms alone and should not be taken to the class tent after hours.

Q: Can older siblings attend the Toddler Program with younger siblings as the caregiver?
They can attend, but they can’t serve as the caregiver unless they’re age 16 or older.

Q: Can I bring my child to a portion of a program and not others?
Absolutely, but the full price of the program will still be charged. It is impossible for us to track that kind of movement and all of the program costs are fixed. Parents must be present to check their children out of the program if they’re 12 or younger.

Q: Are there activities other than the kids programs for me to do with my child?
Participating in Dartmouth Outing Club offerings, walking and hiking, canoeing, and visiting the local library, museums, and working farms are options.

Q: Who staffs the kids programs? 
In addition to Dartmouth student staff, we have a staff of College employees (depending on number of kids registered for program) who are all experienced with kids programs and possess a variety of important skills, such as first-aid training, sports-injury care, coaching, parenting, teaching, and more. Your kids will be well cared for and supervised.

Q: Are sitters available for families staying off campus?
Babysitters are available to watch your children at the local hotels until 1 am, Thursday–Saturday of reunions.

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