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Staying in the Dorms

Many alumni find that staying in the dorms makes it easier for them to do everything they want to do during their reunion. Being in the middle of all the action makes the dorms a highly desirable housing option.

Dorm Descriptions (pdf) 

What to Expect When You Stay in the Dorms

Who stays in the dorms?

Couples, singles, and families with children of all ages are welcome to take advantage of our dorm space. However, applications should be returned early as there is a limited number of rooms and beds available on campus. Applications are mailed in early spring, and online registration will also be available.

What do the rooms look like?
The size and condition of the room depend upon the dorm you stay in. Some dorms have newer and more up-to-date facilities than others. All rooms are cleaned once students have left campus and are made ready for your stay.

What are the beds like?
Beds are metal-framed, extra-long twins. Mattresses are standard and are generally new, but may not suffice for some. If you have back trouble, it is a good idea to bring or obtain a foam topper for your bed.

How many sleep in each room?
Each room generally contains two to three beds. Usually each family will be assigned to a single room, depending on the number of beds needed to fit your family’s needs.

Are there sheets, towels, and blankets?
The College provides each guest with two sheets, two towels, a pillow, and a blanket. However, these items are functional rather than luxurious. If you tend to get cold or have any other special needs, we suggest you come prepared.

How does the noise factor in?
Most dorms are either across the street from or right next to the reunion tent. This does mean that noise into the evening can become a factor. However, bars must close by 1:00 am and alumni generally tend to disperse before this time (depending on the class).

How secure are the rooms?
The security of your room and your belongings depends upon you. The best protection you can have is being responsible and careful of your own belongings. Always lock your doors and windows (if on the first floor), especially when the room is unoccupied. We suggest you leave your valuables at home, but if you do decide to bring them, take precaution. Also, Safety and Security is on duty 24 hours a day and will be happy to assist you if any problems arise.

What about bathrooms/showers?
There are two types of bathrooms: Some dorms have single-sex, group bathrooms on your floor or the one directly above or below; other dorms have single-room, unisex showers or bathrooms. They are kept clean throughout the week. Showers have small soaps and bathrooms have paper hand towels.

What should I bring?
This depends on your individual needs and your ability to transport your extras. Many people bring:

  • Hangers
  • Toiletries (these are not provided by the College)
  • Hand mirror for your room
  • Large bath towels
  • Blankets (depending on the weather in Hanover)
  • Slippers or shower shoes
  • Swimsuit, tennis racquet, other recreational equipment
  • Rain gear (umbrella, poncho, raincoat)
  • Sunscreen and bug spray

Remember the weather
Hanover weather tends to change by the minute, so be sure to be prepared with appropriate clothing (i.e., rain gear, sweater, comfortable shoes).

Office of Residential Life Dorm Floor Plans

Pre-Reunion Housing Request Form 

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