Dartmouth Reunion Planning


2018 Timeline

The College will send out several communications throughout the winter and spring to all Reunion classes. Please refer to the timeline below to stagger your own communications so that your classmates do not become overwhelmed and see all of the information that your class and the College send.

February 15
Class pages will be posted on the Reunion website with preliminary schedules. Class schedules will be updated once per week until June.

March 1
Alumni Relations sends email to all Reunion classes informing classmates that registration is now open online.

March 1
Alumni Relations sends printed booklet with information on Reunion registration and housing to all classmates by postal mail.

March 30
Alumni Relations mails a postcard to all Reunion classes as a reminder to register for Reunion.

April 11
Alumni Relations sends a second email to all Reunion classes with a registration reminder and other details as necessary.

May 15
Alumni Relations sends an email to classes eligible for childcare reminding them of the June 1 registration deadline through Care.com.

Beginning of June
Alumni Relations sends final email to classes sharing tips and details for returning to campus (parking, where to check in, etc.). The timeline for classes receiving this message is as follows:

June 1: 1968
June 4: 1958 & 1963
June 8: 1982-1993
June 11: 1997-2013

(Dates may be subject to change by one or two days)

June 20, 2018
Alumni Relations sends email to all Reunion attendees thanking them for coming back to campus and asking them to complete the Reunion survey.

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