Dartmouth Reunion Planning


College Price List
This is a list of all charges that reunion classes incur from the College: fees for the reunion infrastructure, kids programs, student workers, communications and mailings, special set-ups and transportation, etc.

Student Worker Price List 
This is a list of the costs associated with your student worker team. Our Head and Assistant Bartenders and Workers are an invaluable part of your team and will ensure your class has the best Reunion experience possible.

Budget Template 
This is a list of all fixed and variable costs that all reunion classes should consider when creating their reunion budget.

Class Budget: 10th Reunion (pdf)
Class Budget 15th Reunion (Excel)
Class Budget 5th Reunion (Excel)
Class Invoice Template  (pdf)
Class of 1990 - Reunion Budget FINAL (Excel)
Class of 1990 - Reunion Budget with Input Fields (Excel)
Class of 1990 - Beverage Cost Calculator (Excel)
Class of 1990 - Registration Growth Comparison (Excel)

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