Class of 1966

Lodge Donations
Goal: $160,000

270 Donors
as of

Lodge Donation
Giving Levels

Dickey: 10,000 +
Harris: Up to $10,000
McKenney: Up to $5,000
Ledyard: Up to $1,000

Class of 1966 Lodge


At a meeting on July 10, the Class of 1966 Executive Committee enthusiastically endorsed a proposal that our Class contribute $160,000 as a restricted gift to Dartmouth to underwrite a new D.O.C. facility to be named the Class of 1966 Lodge. Learn more about this project!

This is a project that supports students directly, not only members of DOC, but any student group, fraternity or sorority, club or organization, seeking an off-campus meeting place. Located in Etna just twenty minutes from the campus and within a fifteen minute walk from parking near an Appalachian Trailhead, the Class of 1966 Lodge will also be available to any alumni group interested in an off-campus meeting site.

This amount we seek to raise is a major portion of the cost of construction and maintenance of the new lodge recently completed on the site of the former Fred Harris Cabin that many of you will remember. In exchange, the lodge will bear our name and will place "1966" on the lips of students for years to come, as I'm sure you all remember the "1902 Room."

A two-page description of this project has been prepared by Dartmouth Outdoor Programs (view the HTML version, or you can download the 2MB PDF brochure). More photos of the student-initiated construction appeared in a recent issue of VOX. In addition to the static map at the bottom of this page, here is the link to a Google interactive map showing the route from Hanover to the 1966 Lodge. Try using the "Terrain" or "Satellite" view options, or use the "View in Google Earth" feature. On both, the blue line is the road and the green line is the Appalachian Trail.

Like our first major Class Gift, the Memorial Field Scoreboard, it is being funded by our Class through special solicitations, not from our annual dues ($50) or special projects ($16) contributions. Contributions can count toward the current Campaign for the Dartmouth Experience. If you have already contributed to the Campaign, some of your contribution may be re-designated toward this Class of 1966 Gift. To be clear, gifts are totally separate from, and do not count toward, the Dartmouth College Fund.

Take a Hike to the Lodge

The lodge is large and beautiful. It will be used by hundreds of students and alumni. We will use it extensively for our future reunions and minis.

Click the "PLAY" button on the player on the right to take a virtual hike up the path to the lodge on a beautiful fall day! Roger Brett and Chuck Sherman document the walk up the path and are joined by others at the Lodge.

This new gift will not diminish our ongoing projects: two 1966 Dickey Fellows, our Athletic Sponsors Program donation, our annual payment toward our Class Scholarship, and memorial books for classmates who have died. The Lodge will not diminish the $70,000 we have already set aside to offset the cost of our 50-Year Reunion.

Already, more than one hundred classmates (listed below) have contributed toward the Class of 1966 Lodge. We hope you will join us! Print the form now and send in your donation and pledge.


Class of 1966 Lodge Donations

John Sloan Dickey Level
  • Gregory S. Ball*
  • A. George Battle
  • Noel Fidel
  • William R. Gruver
  • D. Dean Spatz
  • Kenneth H. Taylor

Fred Harris Level
  • Robert Serenbetz
  • Steven L. Sloca

Ross McKenney Level
  • F. Allan Anderson
  • Joseph N. Barker
  • Timothy B. Barnard
  • Richard W. Birnie
  • Richard H. Blacklow
  • John H. Boies
  • Daniel B. Boyer III
  • Thomas E. Brady, Jr.
  • Roger D. Brett
  • T. Gary Broughton
  • Herbert N. Brown
  • Richard D. Daly
  • Benjamin W. Day, Jr.
  • Peter T. Dole
  • Jack D. Garamella
  • Jeffrey D. Gilbert
  • John A. Hargraves
  • Robert C. Hawley
  • William M. Higgins
  • H. Gaylord Hitchcock
  • Alan C. Keiller
  • Roger C. Kline*
  • Stephan P. Lanfer
  • Rock B. Ley
  • Thomas D. Lips
  • James M. Lustenader
  • Michael J. McConnell
  • Joel D. Meyers*
  • Hector J. Motroni
  • James M. Pool
  • William D. Ramos
  • Richard Reiss, Jr.
  • Jeremy H. Reitman
  • William L. Risso, Jr.
  • William W. Roberts
  • John W. Rollins, Jr.
  • Alan W. Rottenberg
  • Allan A. Ryan Jr
  • Christopher Sanger
  • Harry J. Santangelo
  • Norman S. Shaffer
  • Charles R. Sherman
  • Stephen L. Smith
  • Augustus R. Southworth, III
  • Robert M. Spence
  • M. Bradford Stein
  • George R. Trumbull, III
  • Peter A. Tuxen
  • Timothy J. Urban
  • Michael A. Urbanic
  • Stephen H. Warhover
  • James M. Yarmon

John Ledyard Level
  • Richard I. Abraham
  • Stephen E. Abram
  • W. Randolph Adams, Jr.*
  • Martin E. Adler
  • Richard B. Alderman
  • Peter R. Anderson
  • John Q. Arnold
  • Robert M. Bach
  • William H. Bailey
  • Robert S. Baird
  • John D. Barbieri
  • Daniel F. Barnard, Jr.
  • David P. Barton
  • Richard L. Bayles
  • Richard N. Belding
  • Jack M. Bennett
  • Charles E. Benson, III
  • Bruce J. Berger
  • Mark W.Blanchard
  • James F. Botelho, Jr.
  • Richard T. Brigden
  • Robert A. Briggs
  • John W. Brister
  • Michael R. Bromley
  • Edward F. Brown
  • Stephen R. Bryan
  • Robert L. Bryant
  • Gary S. Bryson*
  • Paul Buffum
  • Ervin T. Burkholder
  • Waldemar G. Buschmann
  • Roc R. Caivano
  • Robin L. Carpenter
  • James C. Cason
  • Yanek S. Y. Chiu
  • Paul J. Chrzanowski
  • James Z. Cinberg
  • Henry S. Clapper
  • Thomas E. Clarke
  • R. Benjamin Cohen
  • Jonathan C. Colby
  • Stanley A. Colla, Jr.
  • William L. Cooper
  • Oliver B. Cooperman
  • Kipp L. Crickard
  • Richard Dellamora
  • Howard S. Dobbs
  • James P. Dorr
  • Peter J. Dorsen
  • Paul F. Doscher
  • Wells B. Dow
  • David N. Dubrow*
  • William G. Duval
  • George Emlen, IV
  • John C. Erkkila
  • James R. Everett, II
  • Charles N. Faerber
  • Joseph E. Fellows, III
  • L.Curt Ferguson*
  • William P. Ferris
  • Lawrence K. Forcier
  • John R. Freeman
  • Jeffrey L. Futter
  • Glenn E. Gavin, Jr.
  • Lawrence J. Geiger
  • William W. George
  • Brewster H. Gere
  • Donald W. Glazer
  • Richard J. Godfrey
  • David R. Godine
  • David S. Gordon
  • John L. Goss
  • Laurence E. Goss, Jr.
  • David M. Graves
  • Donald P. Graves
  • Geofrey J. Greenleaf
  • Lewis J. Greenstein
  • Peter B. Griffin
  • Jonathan E. Grindlay
  • William A. Gruber
  • Daniel E. Gulden
  • Joseph A. Hafner, Jr.
  • Simon A. Haines, Jr.
  • John B. Harbaugh
  • William B. Hayden
  • Stephen D. Hayes
  • James L. Hazard
  • Frederick H Heerde
  • Peter R. Helwig*
  • David F. Hightower
  • Douglas P. Hill
  • Robert N. Hill
  • Wayne K. Hill
  • William H. Hobson
  • Thomas R. Hoober
  • James W. Hourdequin
  • John S. Hughes
  • R. Kevin Hughes
  • Edward P. Jereb
  • William R. Jevne
  • David Cohn-Haft Johnston
  • Harris C. Jones
  • Richard G. Jones
  • Stephen Jordan
  • Thornton F. Jordan
  • G. Todd Kalif, Jr.
  • Richard A. Kaiser*
  • John F. Keane
  • Allen L. Keiswetter
  • Andrew P. Kerr
  • Michael Kilham
  • Angus S. King
  • David G. King
  • Eric M. King
  • Paul F. Klee
  • Walter P. Knoepfel
  • William W. Kruger, Jr.*
  • John H. LeFevre
  • Philip B. Lepanto
  • Arthur W. Lewis
  • Wayne W. LoCurto
  • Edward C. Long, III
  • Caleb Loring, III
  • Harry M. Lowd, III
  • Robert MacCarty
  • Alan G. Macdonald
  • James R. Makol
  • Robert A. McAuley
  • Gregor I. McGregor
  • James A. McGregor
  • Christopher M. Meyer
  • Kenneth F. Meyercord
  • Joseph P. Michalski
  • Oliver Tripp Miller
  • Joel H. Mumford
  • Richard G. Naylor
  • John M. Nevison
  • David L. Nicholas*
  • Edward H. Northrop*
  • James N. Nutt, III
  • Richard W. Olsen
  • Frank A. Opaskar
  • K. Peter Orbanowski
  • A. Mead Over, Jr.
  • David A. Owens
  • Timothy Paige, Jr.*
  • Gerald G. Paul
  • Bruce C. Petrie
  • Roger T. Pezzuti
  • Theodore A. Pittiglio*
  • Donald J. Pollock
  • Stephen G. Posniak*
  • David J. Potthoff
  • Edward K. Pratt
  • Peter S. Prichard
  • Michael M. Ransmeier
  • J. Kennedy Reiber
  • Peter J Reichard*
  • Donald J. Ries
  • Frederick G. Robbe, Jr.
  • Laurence G. Robbins
  • Thomas S. Rodman
  • Jeffrey L. Rogers
  • George H. Ropes
  • Fredric T. Rosenblatt*
  • J. Robert Ross, III
  • William D. Rutledge
  • Russell L. Sabrin
  • Robert B. Sauer
  • Donald M. Schwartz
  • W. Stuart Schweizer
  • Larry L. Simms
  • William T. Sprole, III
  • Nicholas J. Steffen
  • Jeffry J. Stein
  • Thomas C. Steinmetz
  • Walter H. Stern
  • Harold S. Stoddard
  • Henry E. Streitfeld
  • Charles C. Stuart
  • Erwin. A. Stuebner, Jr.
  • James W. Sutherland
  • Robert B. Swett, Jr.*
  • Lance E. Tapley
  • Henry B. Teague
  • Edward H. Temple
  • R. Rodney Thompson
  • Peter A. Titcomb
  • William M. Todd, III
  • Stephen E. Tosi
  • Eric L. Treisman*
  • Kirk A. Veit
  • Charles D. Vernon
  • George A. Vincent, III
  • William J. Wagner
  • Thomas L. Wargo
  • Howard L. Weiner
  • James D. Weiskopf
  • Gene A. Whitehorn
  • Francis M. Wilson
  • Robert L. Wilson
  • Douglas Randall Wolfe
  • Evan K. Woodworth
  • Richard L. Worland
  • John Young
  • Robert L. Zartler*
  • Stephen H. Zegel
  • Stephen H. Zeller
  • Neal S. Zimmerman
  • Kenneth C. Zuhr
* Memorial Gift

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