The Dartmouth Class of 1953 in 2013!

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Dave's Fun Photos and Files

Suiza--Con Te Partiro [Note: Requires MicroSoft PowerPoint Viewer]

"Just Water" [Note: Requires MicroSoft PowerPoint Viewer]

"I Wish You the Strength of All Elements" [Note: Requires MicroSoft PowerPoint Viewer]

Blue Beauty [Note: Requires MicroSoft PowerPoint Viewer]


Charlie Fleet's solo on Little Jimmy Brown

The Three Bells:

Listen to Yourself in the 1953 Hum, April, 1953

O Magnum Mysterium: Brothers in Song:
Ridin' the Chariot: Shenandoah:
See That Child in the Lowly Manger: Lili Marlene:
Ballin' the Jack: The Animals Are Comin:
Little Red Drum:


Faces in the Class of 1953 Reunion Crowd, a Class Act

We've gathered some images from available archives to bring back memories of our class in all their glory. We hope that you have as much fun looking at these images as we did in gathering them.

View the images here.




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